Wine market is actually a business of about 25 billion of Euro, but despite these numbers, the existing technology for vineyard management is often traditional, based on experience and seldom using innovative approach. The reason of this is in a way the lack of knowledge from user (by instance the scarce usage of available open data for decision-making process), but also the unavailability on the market of any predictive tool of vineyard development over the time, to evaluate the possible final quality of produced wine.

TECNOVINE copes with this lacks of instruments: an integrated tool, open data sets and specific data regarding vineyard characteristics, to support farmers and technicians in the design, simulation and monitoring development of a given vineyard.

TECNOVINE provides qualitative and quantitative results in terms of produced wine characteristics and quantity, together with an economical balance prediction to evaluate expected commercial performances of vineyard.

The tool supports strategic choices (type of grape to be used, selling price, type of wine produced), and the required operations to achieve a given target of quality and quantity of produced wine.

The TECNOVINE concept has been developed to achieve robust and economically viable vineyard design, predicting realistic vineyard performances with consistent costs and in the same time will optimize existing vineyard performances through rigorous modeling and proper use of available selected open data.

TECNOVINE prototye is a project of TECNOVINE SRL, an Italian SME which has recently founded to participate to a public funding campaign sponsored by Calabria Region