TECNOVINE at a glance

TECNOVINE s.r.l. is an Italian SME (iinovative startup), founded in 2018, aiming to provide innovative products for precision agricolture, especially in the area of high added value products (grapevine, olive). In particular, TEC is developing predictive models and related sensors for yeld management, both in terms of quantity and quality of final product, including pest prediction and management, and economical evaluation of forecasting investment on a given agricultural asset. In addition, TECNOVINE is also active in R&D activities regarding management and control of underground water for agricultural applcations.

TECNOVINE has been awarded i 2019 of a grant fron Regione Calabria to develop an innovative web application for growing prediction and development od an vineyard asset, based on available OPEN DATA and mathematical modelling

WEB Application interface

TECNOVINE management is based on a group of experts in different areas (atricolture, environment, engineering, business administration and marketing), with strong connections with local universities and stable network of potential clients within local farmers and winemakers. Actually, TECNOVINE has two main locations (Calabria and Toscana)

TECNOVINE Headquarters

TECNOVINE branch office