The core of TECNOVINE proposal is based on VINESYM thecnology. دبل زيرو VINESYM model will be embedded into a cloud based application, available both from mobile and desktop devices, which will manage, store and retrieve available open data and other sources of data to predict vineyard development over the time with the help of physical models using actual vineyard data in terms of soil characteristics, meteorological conditions and vineyard treatment. On top of this, economic evaluations based on selected vineyard characteristics and operations costs will be coupled with the prediction of results of vineyard development, to provide a suitable cost/benefit analysis of expected final vineyard production. أفضل أفلام السيارات Additionally, the tool will be of great help in prediction vineyard performances under unusual conditions, and then to plan all the necessary procedures to handle possible risky situations for grape and wine production. jackpot city VINESYM application consists of the following objects:

– A backend application, which will manage the database required for vineyard prediction;

– A calculation engine coupling physical models and economic simulator;

– A frontend application including data geo-referencing, data reporting and remote user management;

The core of VINESYM software is the calculation engine, which is compose by three different modules:

  1. A grapevine growth model
  2. A berry quality model
  3. An economic balance model

In Fig. 1 the general structure of the VINESYM application is reported, while in Fig. 2 the calculation core structure is shown, listing the main  functionalities

Movida_tech1Fig. 1: General structure of VINESYM application


Fig.2: VINESYM  Core Structure